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The Story of

DJ Sek Z

I Was Named

DJ Sek Z

Before I got into DJing, in my group of friends there were three other Michelles. There was Little Michelle, Shelly, and me. So my group of friends decided to nickname me “Sexy.” I was fine with it. I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to be called Sexy on a regular basis, Right? So the nickname stuck.
One night we all decided to go bowling. At the time the local bowling alley was very old and still had older machines. When we were all typing in our names into the score board we realized that there was no “X”
…….. How would we spell my nickname “Sexy?” Well my friends came up with the great idea of changing the letters from Sexy to Sek Z. “Sounds the same but looks cooler” they said. Ever since then, it’s never changed. So unlike other DJs, I didn’t name myself, I was given the name DJ Sek Z.

Coming to America

I was born, Michelle Alejandra Sánchez in May of 1983 in Managua, Nicaragua which is located in Central America. My father moved my family to the United States in 1989, escaping communistic persecution. We first moved to Miami, but because my brother and I were not learning English well enough, my father moved us to the Outer Banks of North Carolina in 1990. It was difficult the first few years, going from having everything to having almost nothing. My father and mother worked very hard to take care of the family, and because of them, I have such a strong and loyal work ethic.


My father brought music into my life at the young age of 3. In his younger days, my father was a concert pianist in Richmond VA, and he also played with Liberace. My father also played other instruments as well. My mother is a beautiful singer as well as a strong courageous woman. They both raised me with love, good morals, and discipline. I thank them very much for the life they gave me and the path they started me on.


I am a practicing Christian. I serve at my church as the lead sound tech and volunteer in many outreach programs to enrich our community. I am also a fellowship group leader of young adults ages 18 - 35. I am very open and do not judge anyone or anything without first building relationships. You can ask me anything and I will give you a straight honest answer every time. No matter how personal the question may be. I am a loyal and trustworthy friend and am quick to help others in need within my abilities without hesitation. I studied the art of Okinawan Karate and I am an accomplished Black Belt and Hall of Fame member for teaching. My Sensei, Kym Rock taught me a lot about myself and what I am able to achieve. She helped me find my peace in life; I thank her for all she did for me. I love my family very much and I am always there no matter what. Although my parents have always been there for me, my greatest influences are my two younger brothers. They have always shown love and care not only towards me but to the world. They led me to Christ and still to this day we learn more and more about each other. We grow together in Christ and I love it.


I love music and everything about it. It is like a part of me such as my heart. Music plays through my mind, my soul, my heart constantly. All types of music, I love it. I can read, write, teach and play music. My main instruments are vocals, trumpet, and guitar, but I do play many others. My knowledge of music is extensive, from oldies to new age, to classical and rock. I am constantly studying music to keep my knowledge fresh and up to date. I always am professional and rise to any occasion. I am ready for ANYTHING!

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