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Karaoke & DJ Services For your Business 

Normal Procedure for scheduled sessions:


 - I will arrive an hour and a half before the scheduled  contracted start time.


 - For the first half hour I will unload my equipment and      make sure the staff and manager on duty are aware of my  arrival.


 - An hour before start time, I will start setting up the  equipment. Usually takes about 45 Minutes.


 - The last 10-15 minutes I will go over any last  minute happenings and inform all staff 5 minutes prior to  show time.


 - Show will go on for Three (3) – Four (4) hours, non stop.  Engaging the crowd and making any announcements and/or  plugs for the staff or nightly specials.


 - Once contracted end time arrives, the show will end. Last  call can be called upon request.


 - Packing up the equipment takes about 30 – 40 minutes.


 - Payment Due at the end of the show, unless previously       paid.

Business Packages


Weekly Package - $225/Session

~ One Session Per Week for Four(4) Weeks

~ Three(3) to Four(4) Hour Shows


Bi-Weekly Package - $250/Session

~ One Session Bi-Weekly in a Four(4) Week Period

~ Three(3) to Four(4) Hour Shows


Monthly Package - $275/Session

~ One Session Monthly for a Six(6)

   a month period

~ Three(3) to Four(4) Hour Shows


Single Session - $150/Hour

~ One Session, One Time, not part of a Package

~ Three(3) to Four(4) Hour Shows


* Travel fee of $25.00 additional for locations 25 Miles or further ~ All sessions are under contract *


KARAOKE provided by T-MEE

[Toni McKay Entertainment Enterprises]

DJ Sek Z Entertainment Provides ALL the entertainment you need and want in ONE show at ONE reasonable Price.

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